The space was beautiful, planning was made simple and Pastor Mark was incredible. We could not have asked for anything more for our wedding.
— Joe and Liz Poeschl, married October 2013

Hold Your Wedding at The Big Red Church!


For nearly 150 years, the doors of Calvary Presbyterian Church have opened to men and women who believe in the Christian meaning of marriage, and we are pleased that you are considering being married here at Calvary. Let us help you establish a marriage that is anchored and sustained by your love of God in Christ.

The inspiring design of the Calvary sanctuary allows for seating up to 250 guests. The church will provide a wedding coordinator to assist you in organizing the details of the wedding. In addition, we can provide you with a recommended list of accomplished musicians and soloists willing to provide you with special music suggestions or services.

The church rental cost includes the use of the sanctuary for both the rehearsal and ceremony, a large dressing room for the bride and her attendants, a second room for the groom and his attendants, the services of the wedding coordinator, and a building facilitator to handle setup. 


Meet Pastor Mark

Dr. Mark McDonough can be available for ceremonies, yet you are free to invite the ordained officiant of your choice to preside over your ceremony. Should you chose Pastor Mark, you will find he is committed to building healthy marriages. Together, you and he will schedule several premarital counseling sessions to both plan your ceremony and begin building on the Christian foundation of your marriage. Click here for more information on working with Pastor Mark for your wedding ceremony.  

Frequently asked Questions

Is my wedding date available?
We don't post weddings publicly more than a few months out, and our calendar is filled on a first come first served basis. That means that availability changes on a daily basis, so call or email to find out if your chosen wedding date is available. 

Do I have to be a member to get married at Calvary?
No, you don't have to be a member. Calvary believes that as all are God's children, and all should have access to the church when they enter into the sacrament of marriage.

Are LGBTQ couples allowed to marry at Calvary?
Yes, LGBTQ couple can marry at Calvary. Calvary believes that all are God's children, and all should have access to the church when they enter into the sacrament of marriage. We do not discriminate against LGBTQ couples in our church.

How many people can fit in the church?
Calvary's sanctuary can hold up to 250 people comfortably.

Can I bring my own officiant?
As stated above, you are free to bring your own officiant. We simply ask that your officiant be ordained by a recognized denomination, if they are ordained as a minister. If you don't have an officiant, Calvary's pastor Rev. Mark McDonough is willing to perform your ceremony, if he is available. We can also direct you to other ministers in the area if he is not available.

Is there a musician included?
The wedding booking does not include a musician, but you would be allowed use of Calvary's piano, organ and sound system. You can hire your own musicians, and we also have a list of musicians who regularly play in the church. You are also free to bring a CD, mp3 player, or smart phone with your chosen musical playlist.

Would I be able to decorate?
Yes, you would. Although one of the benefits of getting married at Calvary is the inherent beauty of the architecture, you are free to decorate within the guidelines set out in the wedding agreement. Our guidelines are very flexible and all amount to "don't destroy the church."

How is the church set-up for weddings?
You can set-up the wedding almost any way you like, but most couples have things laid out in a similar way. This makes finding a seat easy for your guests and gives photographers and videographers easy access to the best places to get that perfect shot. The church has a fixtures - like the platform, candlesticks, and podium - that wedding couples are free to use for their ceremony, at no extra charge. See image below.

 The aisle runner and flower petals are not included with the booking.

The aisle runner and flower petals are not included with the booking.

Is a wedding rehearsal included?
Yes, wedding rehearsals are generally scheduled the evening before the wedding, with changes depending on the availability of the space and your schedule.

How long would we have the church?
Each wedding booking is allowed up to four (4) hours in the church. That is generally setup as two hours prior to the ceremony, the ceremony, and some time afterward for photographs and the collection of personal items.

Is there parking around the church?
Calvary has a small parking lot, which is best saved for the wedding party or vendor's use. However, there are hundreds of parking spots on the street around the church, and, as most weddings happen in the evening or on the weekend, many are usually free. There are also a number of parking lots in the area, which you could direct guests too. See the image below.

 Street parking and lots around Calvary.

Street parking and lots around Calvary.

How much does it cost?
Booking Calvary Church for your wedding is $950 for weddings with up to 200 guests. This covers both the rehearsal and wedding day and gives you access to the sanctuary, two changing rooms and bathrooms, and a wedding coordinator and facilities manager. There is an additional $75 fee for weddings over 200.

How do I reserve the church for my wedding?
Call or email the church make sure that the church is available for your wedding date and to get a copy of the wedding agreement. Review the agreement and have both parties sign and date it. You can then email, mail, or drop off the agreement, along with a non-refundable deposit of $250 by check or money order to the church office. The deposit will go towards your booking fee.

Do I have to bring my deposit to the church office?
You can also pay your deposit via Eventbrite, but there is a fee for doing so. (Eventbrite charges and keeps the fee.) Let the office manager know that you want to pay online when you check your date, so that you can be sent to the correct place to make the payment.

I sent in my deposit, but haven't heard anything. Did you get it?
Once your deposit AND wedding agreement reach the church office, a receipt will be created and sent to you. if you have not received a deposit receipt, then we have not yet received your payment.